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Being Canadian (2015)

“This was interesting, if you find a crushing lack of clarity interesting.” * * * Perhaps you’re curious about Canadians (though this documentary suggests you’re not, at all). You probably won’t find your answers here, whatever they may be. Or perhaps you are a Canadian yourself, hoping for a kind of closure, a definition, an […]


The Event (2003)

“Always leave the party while you’re still having a good time.” * * * Of course, one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Nonetheless, when I unwrapped The Event, I immediately formed an impression — of discotheques, of pill-popping, of glittering, colourful slickness — an impression which couldn’t have been farther from the eventual […]


Siblings (2004)

“Well, this shit ain’t that bad.” * * * As much as Siblings qualifies as Halloween CanCon, it could work as well as one of Gru’s bargain bin picks. It cost just $2.99 before tax, and looks like a hybrid of “her” styles: Tim Burton’s Series of Unfortunate Events, The Addams Family Orphans, perhaps A Very Hitchcock Halloween. And […]


The Sweet Hereafter (1997)

In its parts and as a whole, The Sweet Hereafter certainly made an impression. I keep thinking about it long after the end. With people and predicaments so complex, conflicted, and well-rounded, the debate continues within me even now.


Five Great Canadian Films in Search of a List

Five great picks, all Canadian Content, for discerning audiences. Mature stories, well written, with moving performances. English and French, elegantly crafted, undiminished by limited budgets. Perhaps as important, they’re all readily available. Five-star worthy choices, every one.


Go (1999)

There’s almost nothing of substance here I disliked. While I doubt I’d like the characters in real life, I had great fun watching them struggle. Don’t make the mistake of abandoning Go to the also-ran Nineties bin.


R.I.P. John Neville (1925 – 2011)

In high school, a friend and I made what seemed at the time to be an ambitious pilgrimage, to a movie theatre northwest of Yonge and Sheppard in Toronto. It was one of the few playing The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, a quirky high fantasy adventure in the spirit Brazil and Time Bandits. Directed by […]


Last Night (1998)

Like the hybrid of two other recent features — One Week and Exotica — Last Night shows a beguiling cross-section of society struggling with their mortality. I’ve seen it a few times already, and my affection for it has never dimmed.


Away from Her (2006)

With Away from Her, Sarah Polley has breathed life into something more important, affecting, and lasting than an entire series of Splices.


Splice (2010)

I was hoping for an eXistenZ, but got a Species instead, a Fly without significant evolution. Splice is truly a Frankensteinian affair made of scraps from superior, er, donors.