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Prom Night (1980)

“For a guy so fast on the disco floor, you sure are the slowest.” * * / * * * This original Prom Night was a bit of a surprise. I had no idea it was filmed in Don Mills, where I’ve lived the majority of my life. Perhaps it comes of not being a […]


True Lies (1994)

“Women – can’t live with them, can’t kill them.” * * * Wow, I really don’t know where to begin here. True Lies as a spy thriller is to the James Bond franchise as Spam is to pork tenderloin? True Lies has all the cultural sensitivity of Team America? (Durka durk?) True Lies demonstrates the same quiet dignity and respect for women as […]


A Geek’s Month in Review: April 2012

It was a funny — you might say foolish — time this month. Despite a stack of videos of comic book adaptations, things were delayed, slow, and scattered, interrupted from time to time by unrelated screenings. On top of it all, when making this list, I realized I couldn’t complete it. There was simply nothing […]


Trading Places (1983)

“We took a perfectly useless psychopath like Valentine, and turned him into a successful executive. And during the same time, we turned an honest, hard-working man into a violently, deranged, would-be killer.” * * * * I just finished reading a book written by UK writer and documentary filmmaker, Jon Ronson, called The Psychopath Test:  A […]


A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

A Fish Called Wanda is practically textbook perfection. It’s less funny for any gimmicks in its story than for its characters playing against fate. While it remains a modest piece, it’s so pitch perfectly executed, it’s a model of the form.


My Girl (1991)

My Girl was not quite the “first love” piece I expected. Pushed along by darker undercurrents, it’s somewhat informative, and occasionally enjoyable.