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about Geek vs Goth

Grushenka Geusebach has all kinds of balled-up things falling out of her velvet purse. She has learned a great deal about life and management from barbarian movies, and enjoys sparkly things.

She first tried to introduce herself to Hacker Renders by a llama farm.

Hacker — who enjoys things at right angles, invents elaborate filing systems, owns a label maker, and puns with great (and grating) facility — just drank his fancy-man tea and ignored her.

Grushenka later proved herself worthy by quoting Kids in the Hall skits over lunch.

Since then, they’ve spent much of their non-working waking lives alone together. They watch videos, listen to music, and generally amuse themselves with food and financial ruin. They wish each other no specific ill.

This site celebrates one of their few real agreements: a love of film.