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Old Dogs (2009)

by on 2010/03/22

Gentle Reader, I can’t lie to you.

I rented Old Dogs, paying $1.98 to one of those grocery store kiosks.  It is true. I did this thing.

But I can explain.

I wanted to see Seth Green cradled in the arms of a mountain gorilla …Seth Green singing “All Out of Love” by Air Supply to said gorilla.


It was in all previews. They even put a picture of Seth Green and the gorilla on the cover.

Unfortunately, there was very little of either.

Further, this tiny insignificant bit was at the end and getting there was …difficult and unpleasant. 

There weren’t even many dogs. Loads of aging jokes though. The part where John Travolta’s character takes the wrong medication and his face swells, freezes and twitches uncontrollably will give me nightmares for months to come.

Learn from my mistakes Gentle Reader, avoid this movie and jump straight to the youtube clip. There’s nothing else to see here.

I give this movie two stars. One for Seth Green and one for the gorilla.

* *

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