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Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager (2006)

by on 2010/12/15

“I can’t help it, Clarissa.  I’m lame.  Lame!”

* * * *

Chad  Vader — the even-less-successful younger brother of Star WarsDarth — spies on his ex and drowns his sorrows at the local bar.  The holiday season offers little to buoy his spirits until a ghost appears to him with a message of hope.

Those viewers familiar with George Lucas’ work will recognize many nods:  situations, props, dialogue, the music, and That Voice.  All are woven into the tapestry of Chad’s modest life, a relative pit of ignominy for him.

Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan are Chad’s form and voice respectively.  Both fill other roles on cast and crew alike.  Their net-distributed comedy series, endorsed by Lucas himself, has already run three seasons, available on YouTube and DVD.

It stands up to multiple viewings, is appropriate for all ages, and is certainly worth a look with its low, low price of free . . . talk about the spirit of giving.  I know that I’ve paid far more money for less-entertaining diversions.

* * * *

Please note:  This review is a placeholder “stub” intended for future revision.


Approx. 5 minutes per episode, 10 episodes per season, and 3 seasons (so far)

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