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R.I.P. Wayne Robson (1946 – 2011)

by on 2011/04/06

Comedy month just got a lot less funny with the untimely death of beloved Canadian actor, Wayne Robson.

At 64 years of age, he’s been in more movies and shows than many other recognizable names. His body of work is staggering, overwhelming, filled with titles I’ve seen, purchased, and enjoyed immeasurably.

This list is just a subset of titles that immediately struck a chord with this old school geek: The Adventures of Tintin, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Due South, The Grey Fox, The Incredible Hulk, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Kids in the Hall (Death Comes to Town), Psi Factor, Puppets Who Kill, RoboCop, Seeing Things, and The Twilight Zone.

How many can boast such a career?

He ceased to be “just another character actor” scant years past, when we rediscovered our love of old Red Green. We found Robson’s portrayal of the inept kleptomaniac Mike Hamar endlessly amusing, charming, and even sympathetic. For us he was a major part of our affection for the show.

While his particular appeal was far too small a part of the Red Green movie, Duct Tape Forever, he was front-and-center exceptional in Vincenzo Natali’s Cube.

As I wrote nearly a year ago…

“In a standout performance, Wayne Robson, who plays the recurring character of Mike Hamar on Red Green, here plays another convict, Wayne “The Wren” Rennes, known for his many successful prison breaks. He exudes not that familiar endearing incompetence but a kind of weary professionalism, oddly reminiscent of Richard Farnsworth in Grey Fox.”

His tough portrayal not only demonstrated the actor’s breadth of ability, but made the scenes lacking his presence seem comparatively hollow.

Well, Wayne, you ought to get yourself over to Thompson’s Orchard now. Pick your own, no charge. You’ve earned it.

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