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Month in Review: April 2011

by on 2011/05/01

I had a lot of trouble laughing this month. I don’t usually. I laugh, bray, guffaw, titter and wheeze at frequent intervals most of the time.

Hacker Renders even said that I laugh like Betty Rubble when I am really amused. (This messed with my self-image for a long time).

Normally I find life funny – even everyday, unremarkable things like Will Ferrell –  but alas this month of comedy was a real slog for this grim goth. And yes Mister, I am sure am a goth.

Favourite Film:
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) on 2011/04/06

“It’s less the comedy of manners than a heist gone right off the rails. Or perhaps it’s a bit of both. Although con games hold a special place in my heart, the chemistry between Caine and Martin makes their sparring its own reward. There is no true superior between them. You might condemn the Mad magazine antics of Benson, but Jamieson’s culture and compassion are weaknesses in their own right.”

Greatest Surprise:
Innocent Blood (1992) on 2011/04/19

“Directed by John Landis, this is a black comedic tale of blood, love, lust and gangland crime – all layered together like a good lasagna smeared with extra red sauce. Innocent Blood, this the gangster movie with vampires (or is that the vampire movie with mobsters?) subscribes to the same vampire mythology that Christopher Moore’s novel Bloodsucking Fiends does: Being a vampire is hard. Also maybe a little funny.”

Most Disappointing:
Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser (2007) on 2011/04/11

“Many years ago, I was invited to a house party. I didn’t know the hosts very well, but I agreed to go. I had decided that I needed to be more adventurous and open to invitations. The place was in a bad area. The cramped rooms smelled like cat and feet. Every last inch of the lumpy, musty seating was covered in afghans.

I’ll say what I said to my loud, strange hosts as I was leaving their house party: ‘Thank you, this was all very …interesting.'”

Yes Man (2008) on 2011/04/06

“Yes Man is the movie that happens when you pour the dog’s breakfast into the kitchen sink, and then blow it up.

With Jim Carrey.

I realize my stance on Jim Carrey made me pre-destined to hate this movie. Perhaps his comedic appeal exists in colour spectrum I can’t see, or a sonic frequency I can’t hear.

Therefore to Yes Man I say:


Just no.”

Show Me:
Airplane! (1980) on 2011/04/08

“From the serviceable story, the filmmakers have hung all manner of jokes including, but not limited to, black humour, puns and other wordplay, slapstick, surrealism, visual gags, and casting playing off other, prior roles.

While some rely on dated references — From Here to Eternity, Jaws, and Saturday Night Fever — those subjects have been successful enough to be remembered still.”

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