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Five Great Movies My Father Shared With Me

by on 2011/06/19

In recognition of Father’s Day, I’ve done up a special list: Five Great Movies My Father Shared With Me. Of course, we’ve seen many more than I’ve listed, but these five were biggies, landmark events, turning points every one.

It’s no surprise they’re among those reviewed in our early months online. Taken as a group, they demonstrate war, westerns, science fiction, action and adventure, with more than a dash of imagination and substance. The perfect foundation for the life of geek to be built on.

So here’s to all the Dads as cool as my own…

First Blood (1982) on 2010/11/10

First Blood was one of those late Saturday features that we caught on cable TV. I’d heard about John Rambo from the guys in junior high, but I didn’t make the connection with this film. My Mom and Dad and I tuned in and I got the distinctive sense that they just don’t make them like this any more.


Fistful of Dollars (1964) on 2011/06/04

This film was another one from a weekend afternoon. The thing that I remember most was the twist in Clint’s final shootout. Dad knew the secret but didn’t give it away; it impressed me enough to remember still, some three decades along.

Plus, he drove its poster five hours in a van when I decorated my home!

The Great Escape (1963) on 2010/11/21

Watching this piece was a marathon, especially adding commercials. Saturday afternoon, after Dad returned from work. It was channel 47 . . . MTV, then CFMT, and later called the A-Channel. We stuck with it for hours, until well past my bedtime. That experience added to an awesome (true) adventure, ensuring it remained my favourite for many years to come.


Star Wars (1977) on 2011/01/15

Who didn’t see Star Wars in 1977? What we tend to overlook now is that we didn’t know what was coming, the Rubicon we’d cross. At that point, I was only vaguely aware of the effect this outing with Dad was going to have on my reading, listening, and action figure collecting.

Speaking of which, I hope it isn’t too late to apologize for those toys I declared at customs…

Superman (1978) on 2011/01/17

It’s hard to imagine now what an event certain movies were. We’re assaulted nearly weekly with a constant blockbuster barrage. When Dad took me to see Superman, it was more than believing a man could fly, it was very nearly magic.

I was duly impressed but, frankly, what I remembered most were: (1) Lex Luthor wasn’t bald enough, and (2) Miss Teschmacher’s dress made me nervous.

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