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Month in Review: July 2011

by on 2011/07/31

I’ve travelled this great country from end to end to end. I’ve camped in the Northwest Territories and swatted away bird-sized bull flies. I’ve picked cherries from the orchards of Kelowna and swam in the lake where the Ogopogo lives.

I’ve fished for giant cod off the coast of PEI and ate lobsters in church basements. I’ve sat with hunters in Alberta pulling homemade moose calls and waiting for a giant bull moose to come crashing out of the underbrush.

I’ve wandered the tea houses and bookstores of Victoria, B.C. I’ve stood at Portage and Main in Winnipeg when it was -40 degrees celsius below.

I’ve eaten steak with the power brokers at Hy’s in Ottawa. I’ve walked the pungent, bustling streets of Chinatown in Toronto.

I’ve chased a three-legged dog down the dusty street of Yellow Grass, Sask. and stared out into the blue, blue skyline that when on forever.

After my lifetime of research, I have to agree with William Shatner, Canada is fabulous. So are our movies.

One Week (2008) on 2011/07/19

* * * * *

“Case in point — and at the risk of seeming treasonous — I don’t love golf, hockey, motorcycles (or even driving in general), the outdoors, swimming, or Tim Hortons’ coffee . . . but I do love Bracebridge, bargain bins, and I really love One Week.”

So do I – even though this movie broke my cry.

Steel Toes (2006) on 2011/07/24

* * *

“What happens when a human being is completely taken over entirely by hate, anger and revenge? Is there ever any coming back? Steel Toes, the 2006 Montreal film, spelunks the depths of these questions through the characters of Michael Downey (Andrew Walker) and Danny Dunkelman (David Strathairn).”

Fubar II (2010) on 2011/07/06

* * *

“It was like visiting old friends from your home town at their crappy apartment with the weird smell. Then I was reminded by a line in Gross Point Blank about high school reunions. Fubar II was also “just as if everyone had swelled.” I was reminded that beer and spirits are no one’s friend. Everyone looked puffy and tired. The script was also puffy and tired.”

Shred (2008) on 2011/07/10

* *

“Sometimes writing for means suffering. There are times that I wish I could be doing something, anything else but watching a movie. For example, Shred made me wish that I knew how to knit. Because I’d have some knitting needles handy to jab in my eyes.”

Show Me:
C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005) on 2011/07/10

* * * * *

“Experiences like C.R.A.Z.Y. keep me watching and writing reviews. They keep me human, keep me sane and — against all odds — an idealist.”

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