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The Briefcase (2012)

by on 2012/03/02

“I didn’t ask for this.”

* * *

I am an inveterate snoop. I once did a Rorschach inkblot test online, and apparently my entire personality was based on “curiosity.”

So I suppose if I happened upon an abandoned briefcase at a gas station, I might open it too. This idea is the basis of a 2012 short film called The Briefcase, written by Nate Golon and directed by Andre Welsh. loves independent films and independent filmmakers, so we jumped at the chance to review this atmospheric short film. (Plus we are very susceptible to charm and good, old-fashioned hustle). When we screened the 6-minute piece, we thought it a fitting addition to our month-long walk down the dark back alley of film noir.

Canted camera angles, chiaroscuro lighting, flawed, tortured anti-hero. Check, check and check. The Briefcase brings the noir.

Nate Golon carries the day with a solid performance as the hunted everyman, Carter. A little like No Country For Old Men meets the Twilight Zone, The Briefcase is a well-filmed film short, with decent performances and an interesting kernel of an idea at its core.

* * *

6 minutes


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