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A Goth’s Month in Review: May 2012

by on 2012/05/31

What a month it was. Despite kicking off things right with International Worker’s Day, I demonstrated a serious lack of proletarian effort and industry this month, producing a paltry six reviews. I believe the Swedish word for lazy is orka.

I blame Stieg Larsson. After watching the first instalment The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, I began a Larsson bender that lasted weeks. Curse you,  Noomi Rapace for being so ridiculously awesome as Lisbeth Salander. You turned me into a nattuggla, staying up all hours to consume every last minute of the entire series.

I’ve become such a fan (which is actually a bad word in Swedish), I even purchased a pair of Lisbeth Salander spiral gauges. Fake gauges mind you, I stop short of ear lobe tunnelling to express my reverence.

It was a fun, if limited, journey into television adaptations this month.

Before I mosey on off to the saloons of the old west, here are this month’s favourite, surprise, disappointment, and least-liked, as well as one movie my fellow vidiot made me just a mite curious about.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2009) on 2012/05/06

* * * *

“After the nightmares brought on by this affecting and effective Swedish television series subsided, I realized I sort of loved the hero of this harsh, uncompromising, traumatizing tale. Lisbeth (Noomi Rapace) is a vision in black leather, pale skin and eyeliner. In fact, she exudes all the cheer of an Easter Island statue and is just about as talkative. But she’s resourceful, cunning, self-sufficient and ever so clever. Yes, I love her.”

Bewitched (2005) on 2012/05/05

* * *

“Bewitched, written and directed by Ms. Ephron,  was born of some very bad things that Hollywood did to this interesting woman. This movie about a television show based on a television show is crammed with meta-level, self-referential, Hollywood-insider speak. There’s also an undercurrent of angst, pain and insecurity.”

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) on 2012/05/10

* *

“Packed with detail, and cut sprintingly fast, I struggled to reconcile the pace with a running time closing in on three hours. Ironically I have rarely, if ever, been so bored and uninvested. Mysterious disappearances, skeletons in a family’s closet, graphic sexual assaults, and scenes of jaw-clenching violence . . . how did it ever get so glacial, distant, cold, and slow?”

Coneheads (1993) on 2012/05/29

* * *

“There are times when I wonder if how, when and why I watch a movie colours my perception of it. Take for instance, my experience watching Coneheads on an overnight Greyhound bus hurdling toward a major U.S. metropolis recently. I guess Coneheads is better than a 13-hour red-eye without it.”

Show Me
Trailer Park Boys the Movie (2006) on 2012/05/04

* * *

“When the movie was done, I was struck by an insight. I realized this ensemble had captured the spirit I’d missed in Duct Tape Forever, a kinder interpersonal chemistry. Despite the characters’ poor decisions, their outlaw status, and so on, they truly felt sympathetic with each other, no matter their differences. That sense of caring made me care in turn, and dispelled many reservations.”

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