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Five Great Canadian Films in Search of a List

by on 2012/07/01

Great Canadian movies can strike in unexpected times and places. Sometimes they pop up outside of our traditional July attentions. Sometimes they fall in July but miss the “Favourite” or “Surprise” distinctions.

Well, these are kind of the ones that got away.

You may consider this post a restitution.

Five great picks, all Canadian Content, for discerning audiences. Compelling stories, well written, with moving performances. English and French, elegantly crafted, undiminished by limited budgets. Perhaps as important, they’re all readily available.

Five-star worthy choices, every one.

And now for the big puntastic finish: They put the “eh” in great.

Happy Canada Day to one and all!

Away from Her (2006) on 2011/07/23

* * * * *

“With Away from Her, Sarah Polley has breathed life into something more important, affecting, and lasting than an entire series of Splices.”


A History of Violence (2005) on 2012/04/20

* * * * *

“While it’s certainly successful on emotional and thematic levels, A History of Violence also feels as if Cronenberg has refashioned The Long Kiss Goodnight, maintaining most everything that worked, and correcting whatever did not.”


Jesus of Montreal (1989) on 2011/07/16

* * * * *

Jesus of Montreal won over this skeptic. It taught me something, entertained, and transcended itself in the process. Perhaps I have finally found an adult Breakfast Club.”


Last Night (1998) on 2011/07/30

* * * * *

“Like the hybrid of two other recent features — One Week and Exotica — Last Night shows a beguiling cross-section of society struggling with their mortality. I’ve seen it a few times already, and my affection for it has never dimmed.”


Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010) on 2010/11/21

* * * * *

“I lesbian this movie…

“I don’t know how I managed to miss this film in its theatrical release. Ramona please forgive me.

“This movie was a religious experience. And I’m an atheist.”

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