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The Lost Girl (2010- )

by on 2012/07/07

“Or is our little succubus going to stay in bed forever?”

* * * *

Every month I decide to waste my money on an extravagant cable package that I barely use. Lately, our household viewing habits run more toward things that run in our whirring Playstation 3 and YouTube videos.

One night, however, I was flipping distractedly between channels, narrowly avoiding blunting my brain on episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter, What Not to Wear and Cake Boss.  I happened upon a woman in a mouldering room that was all exposed slats and crumbling drywall. The woman was dark, powerful and wore ass-kicking leather boots.

Because my viewing habits are erratic, it took me more time than I would like to admit to find out what this compelling show was.

I finally discovered that the woman in question was Anna Silk as Bo on Showcase’s The Lost Girl. A succubus dressed in leather –  the perfect antidote to the torrent of reality television pabulum oozing throughout the rest of my cable package.

The result of this brilliant discovery, I have decided, has been entirely worth the price of my bundle of cable stupidity.

My favourite teenager Miss_Tree and I holed ourselves up during a heat wave and watched our way through Season One. As soon as one episode was over, Miss_Tree whipped around and yelled, “More!” We watched our way through the 13 episodes, delving deeply into the secret world Light and Dark Faes. We discovered there were Luck-eating Faes, carrion-snacking Faes, green-flame-shooting will-o’-the-wisps, red-eyed Furies,  and “under Faes” who swim in tanks and have poison skin.

With episodes directed by John Fawcett, the director of the werewolf cult hit  Ginger Snaps, The Lost Girl brings some of the same supernatural girl power as its wolfy progenitor. Created and written by Michelle Lovretta, there’s dark feminine magic in the relationship between Bo and her adorable human sidekick Kenzi.

In fact, The Lost Girl’s secret weapon is not Bo’s soul-sucking succubus kiss but the strength of the supporting cast.  Kenzi is an anime character made flesh. Kenzi played by the great Ksenia Solo is alone worth the price of admission. Kenzi”s a resourceful sneak thief, always with a ready comedic line and an adorable shriek.  All blue eyes and fishnets, Solo is often the sole source of most of the entertainment value of this wonderful Canadian series.

I knew Miss_Tree was hooked when she padded out of the powder room wearing Kenzi’s signature gothic eyeliner.

There’s also magic in the sexual tension between Bo and Kristen Holden-Ried as Dyson a cop and “wolf-shifter.” Bo can only heal by getting pelvic with Dyson, a practice that launches this sexy, stylish series into the steamy stratosphere.

If you love dark gothic drama, coupled with the trappings of a police procedural, and Monster of the Week conventions, garnished with fun and funny performances by Canadian stars John Kapelos (The Breakfast Club), Aron Tager (Puppets Who Kill) and Julian Richings (Hard Core Logo), strap on your big-girl boots and hunt down this television series.

I love this great Canadian series with my full-blooded Canadian heart. Happy Canadian Content Month to succubi and those who love them everywhere.

* * * *

  1. Michael permalink

    I watch this show every Monday. Anna Silk is so hot and seductive in Los Girl.

    • Michael permalink

      Lost* (I always seem to ignore my spell check lol)

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