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Five Finales: End of the World, eh?

by on 2012/12/20

Hacker Renders
As I write this introduction, we have perhaps eight hours remaining before the end of the world as we know it.

If you start watching now, you just might fit in all five of these doomsday picks with a CanCon spin.

We’ve seen our fair share of post-apocalyptica, but there’s nothing quite as spine-tingling as a ticking clock.

After “the end” there is only drudgery, suffering, and a distinct lack of hygiene; beforehand, there is excitement, hope, introspection, reflection, even laughter.

For my part — having survived Y2K — I won’t be fooled again.


Canadian Bacon (1995) Canadian Bacon (1995) on 2010/07/06

* * *

“When the American president (Alan Alda) and his cronies initiate a new Cold War with Canada in an attempt to boost low approval ratings, Bud Boomer (John Candy) and his own cronies take it upon themselves to launch a grassroots ground attack.”

Force of Nature (2010)Force of Nature (2010) on 2012/09/18

* * * * *

“Issues are raised — the population explosion, deforestation, pollution, extinction, climate change, and quality of life. David Suzuki struggles to reconcile two sides of science — its potential for apocalypse or advancement — hoping to sell us on the latter, to pick up his torch and prevail.”

Last Night (1998)Last Night (1998) on 2011/07/30

* * * * *

“‘The end of the world from a Canadian perspective’ might rank among the top MacGuffins I’ve ever come across. We don’t know many details for certain, but it gives us a ticking clock. As the story begins, six hours remain until (presumably) the sun destroys the Earth, whether by impact or explosion or another bit of technobabble.”

Pontypool (2008)Pontypool (2008) on 2012/10/23

* * * * *

“Despite its pervasive minimalism, the experience is well-stocked with dread. It’s a locked room mystery which prompted me jot down ‘Theatre of the Imagination’ . . . Funny to learn later on the filmmakers were inspired by War of the Worlds.”

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999) on 2011/05/23

* * * *

“A group of kids sneak into a foreign (Canadian) film and are impressed by its risque humour. Their parents are shocked by the resulting mimicry, and pressure the government into war with their northern neighbour.”

Honourable Mentions:
The Dead Zone (1983) on 2012/08/09
The Terminator (1984) on 2011/01/22
Terminator 2 (1991) on 2012/11/17

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