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A Goth’s Month in Review: December 2012

by on 2013/01/01

December 2012 was quite a month. We packed in a trip to the Big Apple post hurricane, survived an apocalypse, and lived (mostly unscathed) through another Christmas.

Victories all.

I packed in a few Christmas films and a good measure of LGBT flicks in’s tribute to gay cinema. 2012 left me just a little encouraged the tide is turning for gay rights in North America. Slowly, yes, but progress is being made.

As we reset our Mayan calendars, we welcome the new 2013 with a little hope in our hearts for marriage equality, a more welcoming world for gay teens and tolerance for everyone no matter what you “look like or (who) you love.”

So we say adiós to the world of 2012. Here is my five, a favourite, surprise, disappointment, least-liked, and a pick from Mr. Render’s list that is one I’d like to watch.

Same Love.

bruno_2009Brüno (2009) on 2012/12/16

* * * *

“I am very fond of Sasha Baron Cohen.

In fact, it is safe to say that is very fond of Sasha Baron Cohen.

He is like a good friend who is too funny and smart for his own good. He’s the friend who is so smart and funny that you are often worried that he’s going to go out and get himself killed.”


Tarnation (2003)Tarnation (2003) on 2012/12/31

* * * *

“Made with a staggering $218.32 budget, Caouette used freeware editing software to create something raw and confessional – the pure undistilled essence of the filmmaker. This movie is the getting-to-know someone equivalent of spending the holidays with their family, clawing through every last shoe box of family photos and eyeballing every single last home movie.”

Holiday Affair (1949) on 2012/12/10

* *

“I selected this movie because I love New York City and I love Robert Mitchum. But despite the compelling combination, overall, this film just wasn’t great.

First of all, there isn’t a single moment when Janet Leigh, who plays a slightly dour widowed single mom named Connie Ennis, wears cellophane instead of slacks – like the cover would have you believe. Not a one.”


deck_the_halls_2006Deck the Halls (2006) on 2012/12/17

* *

I have loved movies where a Matthew Broderick suffers the ignominy of suburban adulthood like Election. Matthew suffers here too. But ultimately, the audience suffers more.


Show Me
Gods and Monsters (1998)
Gods and Monsters (1998) on 2012/12/23

* * * *

“It’s not quite My Dinner with Andre . . . if anything, it’s more Sunset Boulevard. Add to its Hollywood machinations the angst of being different in a mixed-message world, the trauma of life’s injustices, and the weight of advancing time.

Gods and Monsters lacks Sunset’s noir, but also its histrionics, an absence which proves immeasurably appealing.”


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