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Cool Event Alert: Royal Cinema’s Laserblast Video Night

by on 2014/07/14

mechanical_violator_hakaider“If this peace is fictitious, I shall destroy it!” recently moved to Toronto. So far, we have a solid suspicion that we might very well never, ever sleep again. There’s so much to do here, so much to see.

So …many …awesome …film events. Puff, puff.

What’s with this town? This one time in Ottawa we hosted a “Bad Film Evening.” A few people showed up. It was okay. There were chips.

I even purchased a copy of the execrable Myra Breckinridge  should we ever do it again.

We didn’t (perhaps for the best).

Here in Toronto, people do it up right.

Case in point: Every third Wednesday of the month  The Royal Cinema (608 College St. Toronto) is hosting Laserblast Video Night. Forward-thinking, our-kinda-people founders and hosts Peter Kuplowsky and Justin Decloux play straight-to-video films in all their crappy VHS glory on the big screen …”the way they were never meant to be seen.” So brilliant.

In fact, this is so cool, I might explode like a futuristic android being hit with a Lite-Brite cattle prod. Speaking of, this week they are playing Mechanical Violator Hakaider.

Sweet jeepers, I love this town. Check out Laserblast Video Night at The Royal Theatre or check them out on Twitter @TheRoyalCinema

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