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Trapped in Paradise (1994)

“It is a long and miserable story that I would rather not get into.” * * I would have rather watched three screaming toddlers play cops and robbers than have spent nearly two hours of my life watching Trapped in Paradise. I can almost guarantee the toddlers would be funnier and more able to form […]


Trapped in Paradise (1994)

“You need a lobotomy.” * * Oh dear god, we ruined Christmas this year. Well . . . technically I guess it was Boxing Day. Either way, it was a night we’ll never forget, however desperately we try, the night we were trapped in Trapped in Paradise. It was anything but a silent night, as we […]


Wayne’s World 2 (1993)

“It’s your movie, you’ll think of something.” * * * What struck me most about Wayne’s World 2 was the date of its release, a single year after the original. How many sequels are released with such alacrity which weren’t planned ahead and shot simultaneously? You could argue it’s a mercenary follow-up, but I would […]


Wayne’s World (1992)

To paraphrase a recurring line: Wayne’s World, I love you man. No, I mean it, I really love you.


This Is Spinal Tap (1983)

I’d venture to say you’d enjoy it, or you just haven’t seen it yet. And rewatchability goes way up when the experience remains so lean, moves this quickly, and doesn’t overstay its welcome. Well, that and it’s damned entertaining.