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Donnie Darko (2001)

by on 2010/11/12

“I can do anything I want, and so can you.”

* * * *

Quintessential viewing for any geek or goth, Donnie Darko tells its hero’s story over the course of one month, October 1988.  In that time, high school student Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal) manifests a sleep disorder, apocalyptic visions, and an apparent criminal streak.  His family, friends, and teachers all want to help, but may be at risk themselves.

Who is Donnie Darko?  A quantum leaping time traveller?  Deluded dreamer?  Or mad with medication?  Writer/director Richard Kelly may know for sure, but his film invites interpretation.  There is no grand message, but so many moments of brilliance:  a quotable script, a cast of ringers, pop culture nods, and a perfect soundtrack.  Take two hours of whatever else and replace them with something better.

* * * *

Please note: This article is a “stub” review which has since been given an update.

Rated R for adult and frightening scenes, language, substance abuse, and violence

113 minutes (theatrical version)

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