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Favourite Older Films (2010)

by on 2010/12/31

Here is my list of personal favourite films, reviewed in 2010, but released earlier, arranged in descending order.

Everybody’s Fine (2009)

““Cat’s in the Cradle” made cinematic, or “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” grows up? Everybody’s Fine is both, and more.  It’s not a joyous affair, but neither is it hopeless.  However you define family, and whether you inherit it or build your own, you’re bound by what you share together, be that insulation, communication, or both.”

Terry (2005)

“On a technical level, their movie cuts together quite smoothly with actual historical footage and doesn’t suffer for the comparison.  On a narrative level, they’ve managed to take an innately-affecting tragedy and lend it an air of unsensationalized inspiration.  What could have slipped into maudlin manipulation remains respectful.  An effective retelling of Terry’s story, this video should be required viewing for all people, Canadian or otherwise.”

Carrie (1976)

“…I think it’s safe to say that few movies are able to approximate this poignant combination of bitter and sweet.  John Hughes comes to mind, though his works have less at stake…

“And if you’re not in a particularly touchy-feely mood, just think Matilda Goes Rambo.”

eXistenZ (1999)

“To put it as geekily as I can:  If Inception is the Battle of Hoth, then eXistenZ was a trip to Dagobah.  It’s a stunning work, far ahead of its time.  Similar ideas have been explored in films like Tron, Dark City, and The Matrix, but its recursive complexity may finally find acceptance with the popular success of Inception (and the followers that Nolan’s film will probably inspire).  Both meditations on the nature of delusion, escape, and obsession, eXistenZ plays more as caution than action, forsaking sweep for shock, and polish for grit.”

The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)

“I might as well have been watching The Bridge on the River Kwai for the first time, given what little I remembered from seeing it years — and more likely decades — ago . . . It had left me so unimpressed that, while I’d review it out of duty, I left it climactically late in dread of the task.

“And now, having paid it due diligence, I can honestly say, I haven’t felt quite as misguided since Yojimbo.”

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