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Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (2010-2012)

by on 2012/07/14

“‘Dickbag?’ Tell me, do you just take random obscenities, and pair them up with equally random nouns? ‘Cock Lamp?’ ‘Ass Taxi?’ ‘Shit Rooster?’ Is that the way it works?”

* * * *

I think the fact that Todd and the Book of Pure Evil was not renewed by SPACE for a third season is totally Cock Lamp Ass Taxi Shit Rooster. This was another Canadian television series that my favourite teenager Miss_Tree and I devoured like hungry zombie rock stars eating unsuspecting parents.

Then my hopes were smashed flatter than an unwed single mother under the Big Bad Baby (episode 9) when I feared I might lose Todd for good. The good news is that it sounds like the folks behind Todd are trying to pull together a season 3 despite SPACE pulling the plug on them.

So there’s hope yet for this gore-splattered comedy television show from Winnipeg.

Yes, Todd was laden – sagging even – with inappropriate language. Yes, the special effects masters responsible for the show invented new and progressively more powerful ways to jettison buckets of red paint 10s and then 100s of metres into the air. Yes, there were adult situations and more references to boobies than you can possibly imagine.

The Winnipeg Sun called it aptly, “Buffy with potty mouth.” And how.

But I loved it, the way a doting mother chimpanzee might love her feces-throwing offspring.

I have watched the “How to Make a Homunculus” episode in the first season at least 10 times to date.  That’s the one where science-loving Hannah B. Williams (Melanie Leishman) conjures up a tiny (homicidal) replica of the show’s metal head hero Todd (Alex House).

And that tiny Todd is the worst-looking naked puppet you’ve ever seen.

Yes, I realize I might not be well.

But I am getting ahead of myself here. First, for the splatter-free uninitiated, Todd is about a high school in a town founded by Satanists. There’s a Book of Pure Evil flapping around, granting the wishes of the revenge-seeking, disaffected hormone bags at Crowley High School.

Todd and his friends set out to find the book and stop the forces of evil from turning everyone into beet smoothies. As the tagline says, Todd and his friend set about “fighting evil with mixed results.” They aren’t always successful. Let’s just say Jimmy the Janitor needs a really large (and absorbent) blood mop.

The magic of Todd wasn’t viscous fluids. It wasn’t the naked puppets. It wasn’t even adult language, situations and drug use. It is the great characters. There’s dim skid Todd, his one-armed, dog-loyal friend Curtis Weaver (Billy Turnbull), sexy, resourceful Jenny Kolinsky (Maggie Castle), brainy and tightly-wound Hannah and rude crude Jimmy the Janitor (Jason Mewes).

Then there is Chris Leavins as Atticus Murphy Jr, the evil high school guidance counsellor. Chris Leavins deserves his own sentence.  Holy Jupiter Shit, he deserves his own review. This guy is funny, so wrenchingly funny, that I had to watch the deleted scenes, over and over and over again. He’s one to watch.

Even the adult losers smoking in the high school parking lot have a nefarious and hilarious purpose. There’s Eddie (Norman Leung) who, between puffs, sneers the word, “loser” early and often. His crony Rob is played by Steve Arbuckle who played the first Todd in the film short that inspired the television show. Brody (Dan Petronijevic) is a source of peroxide and permed metal wisdom.

In short, my puerile friends, we can’t let Todd be removed from our lives like Curtis arm was zipped off by that circular saw in shop class.

So I would like to guide you, to counsel you, to guidance counsel you, to do something about the continued survival of this foul-mouthed Canadian television treasure. Sign the petition and write SPACE.

* * * *

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