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FUBAR II (2010)

by on 2012/11/05

“If this was a real life situation, most of you would be dead. Here’s your certificate.”

* *

So, in FUBAR II — which has a fancy two, not eleven, right — there’s so much Christmas stuff by the end, you gotta wonder if maybe them guys made the feature oughta called it A Very FUBAR Xmas or something.

Cause this one’s kinda different, see. All that Christmas junk isn’t just fancy crap but is like an idea about changing and being better, which they’re trying to do, even if they don’t really, like, triumph.

They’s these two guys, Terry and Deaner, and this time they actually try to do that self-improving. Even though they totally wrecked a rental unit and ripped some hippie’s stash, they still gonna make Fort McMurray their bitch.

Not so fast, though, cause even though Terry’s trying real hard, he doesn’t know his new girlfriend’s the town pump, right, and Deaner’s being generally a dog-fucker. Oh and Tron’s back too, but he’s kind of a dick, all cool at first, but then not really.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like they’s too good for drinking and dropping acid and screwing around and shit, but now they got places to go, things to do . . . and sometimes chicks to do too, if you know what I mean. But they’s some good guys, like how Deaner tells Chaz about Shanto, even though he still gets back to jacking her gifts.

It’s all good.

Well not really but kinda. Sometimes.

I’d also say three times is charming, but Deaner’s totally running out of nuts.

If they did an award for the biggest improving in stuff, this would maybe get it, but I still don’t figure that means me telling you to see it. So, basically, you’re still failing, right, but good effort all the same.

* *

Rated 18A

85 minutes

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