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A Goth’s Month in Review: February 2013

by on 2013/03/01

I hang my head in shame.

Normally I am able to produce at least eight reviews in a month. This month I barely got in a paltry five.

But I have an excuse. I do.

Most of my excursion into musical films this month had to happen on an actual excursion to London and Paris. I’m not complaining, we had a great time.

All I can say is thank goodness for Air Canada’s in-flight free movies or the five would have been um, two.

So cue the Parisian can-can dancers.  Here they are – the picks from this month of wandering – my favourite, surprise, disappointment, least-liked, and one chosen from my hard-working, clever co-reviewer and my other favourite traveling companion.

log_drivers_waltz_1979The Log Driver’s Waltz (1979) on 2013/02/18

* * * *

“If you want to psychically teleport a Canadian child of the 80s back to weekday afternoon immediately after school, playing the National Film Board’s animated short The Log Driver’s Waltz should do the trick.

I had a childhood flashback right in the middle of the North Gloucester Public Library when Jack Horowitz played this legendary NFB short for Hacker Renders and I, and assorted other families on a Saturday afternoon.”

let's_make_lemonade_2011Let’s Make Lemonade (2011) on 2013/02/10

* * * *

“This fusion of Klezmer, gypsy, punk is a mélange of styles I like to think could only be created in Toronto. This band is completely infectious, known for crashing parties complete with beautiful Gypsy dancers and starting impromptu concerts in the streets. There’s an edginess – demonstrated in the first few minutes of the film when they are thrown out a festival for busking without a permit – but also a sweetness, a lovely Canadian quality of camaraderie, honesty and humility.”

Romeo + Juliet (1996) on 2013/02/24

* * *

“I give this movie one less star than my star-crossed co-reviewer who gave it four because perhaps I’m aging and find frenzied teens grating.

‘Hey, you two kids on that balcony over there, keep it down or I’ll call the cops.'”


AIR CANADA - 2012 Air Canada enRoute Film Festival finalistsWe Blinded the Sun (2012) on 2013/02/11

* * *

“Sometimes, being a parent prevents me from enjoying things. Ok, perhaps it isn’t entirely fair to blame my impairment entirely on parenthood. There’s also my advanced age to consider.

So, I guess… being an old parent prevents me from enjoying things.”


Show Me
45 RPM (2008)
45 rpm (2008) on 2013/02/06

* * * * *

“Soon after seeing it, I skyped Gru in Europe, saying I’d found a perfect film for her. 45 rpm is an understated revelation and the flipside of FUBAR. I absolutely loved it.”


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