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A Geek’s Month in Review: April 2013

by on 2013/04/30

Hacker Renders“Seriously, where’s the ‘Die’ button?”


I’ll defend what I wrote in my April reviews. And I know what scores I gave. But somehow when I look back at the month, it all seemed unusually strong. Or at least entertaining, which is something I suppose.

Of course there were some exceptions, though they were often the victims of ambition . . . often, but not always.

Even dreck like The Love Guru I cannot hate completely, for we’ve seen another misfire far worse. That was — without any doubt — a piece I wouldn’t bother to review, the execrable Funny or Die’s biopic, iSteve. If I weren’t already giving up on Apple’s OS X, this “funny” documentary might well have hastened my departure.

Seriously, The Colony was funnier.

(Oh and Ubuntu Studio, thanks so much for asking. Linux Mint came really close.)

Now one more time before we transition from foolishness to funnybooks, here’s my favourite, surprise, disappointment, least-liked, and a “show me” I’ll be catching later on this year.

Delicate Art of Parking (2003)The Delicate Art of Parking (2003) on 2013/04/28

* * * *

The Delicate Art of Parking illustrates my frustration with writing about some features which I simply can’t do justice. In five hundred words I can’t possibly honour its breadth, its depth, or its fun.”

Dog Park (1998)Dog Park (1998) on 2013/04/19

* * * *

“Mistaken identity . . . the value of country music . . . the significance of the number seven . . . and a great use for an ex’s pornography. These things and more are all revealed in this under-the-radar treat, which is just as rare in being funny without being malicious.”

On Their Knees (2001)On Their Knees (2001) on 2013/04/03

* *

“As much as I’d like to give an underdog effort a recommendation, I don’t accept ‘low budget’ should mean ‘inconsistent, offensive, and trite’.”


The Love Guru (2008)The Love Guru (2008) on 2013/04/13

* *

“I want to love Mike Myers – and usually do – but he sometimes makes it difficult, especially if this rancid leaving is any indication.”


Show Me
Cooking_With_Stella_2009Cooking with Stella (2009) on 2013/04/21

* * *

“Come for Don McKellar, and stay for the entertainingly amoral maid Stella and her food.”

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