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A Geek’s Month in Review: May 2013

by on 2013/05/31

Hacker Renders

In an absolutely testing month, the superheroes helped.

You see, work was crazy busy. My home has been torn asunder by construction. My brain is adjusting to the wonders of Linux. And I tried to escape it all in the world of Elder Scrolls.

(Let’s just say “oppressive” is a very apt word for Skyrim.)

So the heroes helped a lot. Ranging from solid adequacy, through middling mediocrity and frustratingly failed potential, all the way down to out-and-out crappy trash, they…

Hang on.

No, wait, I take it back. The heroes didn’t help much at all.

Incredible Hulk (2008)The Incredible Hulk (2008) on 2013/05/30

* * * *

“A solid story, a lot of nice touches, and an arc I didn’t want to abandon. While The Avengers was great – even better – than The Incredible Hulk overall, it doesn’t make this tale of the Emerald Avenger any less of a gem.”

Adventure_TimeAdventure Time (2010– ) on 2013/05/21

* * * *

“Years ago, if you told me that a cartoon would scooch just a little bit ahead of SpongeBob SquarePants taking over first place in my heart, I would have looked at you blankly and wandered off.”

Sidekick (2005)Sidekick (2005) on 2013/05/04

* *

“Believe it or not, there’s a lot of potential here, which you may not discern through the distracting haze of low-budget shortfalls. Interesting ideas, poorly executed, functioning at the level of a college project. Sidekick is another of those efforts I sought to justify grading up, but it’s far too flawed a gem to recommend.”

Batman & Robin (1997)Batman & Robin (1997) on 2013/05/23

* *

“Dear lord this movie, Batman & Robin, is a tragic waste of resources, a perfect model of how to kill a franchise. Every awful thing said about it is absolutely true.”


Show Me
The Thcik (2001)The Tick — Pilot Episode (2001) on 2013/05/29

* * * *

“There is so much to recommend The Tick. First of all, the Tick is big, blue and dim. He’s strong, smashy and yells things about justice . . . Okay, I’m not making a great case here. Just please watch it.”

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