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A Geek’s Month in Review: June 2013

by on 2013/06/30

Hacker Renders

The cowboys always ride into the sunset too soon.

Every June so far, we’ve looked to the west for inspiration and, focus on CanCon or not, this one was no different.

Though Canada is sadly lacking in totally homegrown westerns (is anyone ever going to release Richard Farnsworth’s The Grey Fox?) we grew the herd by putting our brand on prospects made in, say, Alberta.

What follows then are the standouts we covered, including favourite, surprise, disappointment, least-liked, and Gru’s contender which most appealed to me.

Yippee ki, eh?

Monte Walsh (2003)Monte Walsh (2003) on 2013/06/21

* * * * *

“Lyric, idyllic, contemplative, resigned, and sometimes rascally, yet with an easy tone more gentle and comedic than dramatic. It’s got the lowest body-count I recall offhand in a western, and is notable as a cowboy story which actually features cowboys.”

Honourable Mention
 Brokeback Mountain (2005) on 2013/06/25

Legends of the Fall (1994)Legends of the Fall (1994) on 2013/06/22

* * * *

“Sprawling enough to encompass many moods, people, places, times, and ideas. It’s hard to believe it was based on a novella. It’s a strange – but acceptable – synergy of farm life and garden party, with dashes of wilderness survival, battlefields, gangsters, and pirate exotica.”

Grey Owl (1999)Grey Owl (1999) on 2013/06/12

* *

Grey Owl put me into a wretched mood…

“It was another wasted effort during which I never stopped checking my watch. Nearly every moment I wished I was doing something, anything else.”

Man of Steel (2013)Man of Steel (2013) on 2013/06/17

* *

“This new Man of Steel has very little [fun or heart]. It’s not ‘my’ Superman and, right now, doesn’t even feel worth my explaining.”


Show Me
Joe Kidd (1972)Joe Kidd (1972) on 2013/06/11

* * *

“Elmore Leonard’s quirky dialogue and meandering, equally quirky action put me in mind of a tall tale told at a bar…
“Directed by John Sturges (The Great Escape), it is an uneven but mostly satisfying ride. I can forgive just about anything that has Mr. Eastwood squinting over a gun barrel.”

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