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A Geek’s Month in Review: July 2013

by on 2013/07/31

Hacker Renders

It used to be that every July became our focus on Canadiana. We kept the First’s festivities ongoing ’til the 31st.

And then it became apparent a single month was not enough. There was more than enough Canadian content to fuel us for multiple years.

By my calculations, done about twelve months back, I’d run out of (owned) features this year, then transition to CanCon TV in 2014.

What I didn’t expect was how quickly those options would explode.

In recent months, the new stacks have grown with all sorts of recent additions, things I hadn’t known involved us (Deadfall, Goon, and The Shipping News), which only just became available (Argo, Cosmopolis, and Life of Pi), or were discovered by accident (Gaz Bar Blues, Little Book of Revenge, and Mambo Italiano) . . . and these are just a few, not to mention those yet to arrive (My Awkward Sexual Adventure, Payback, and also Stories We Tell).

All of which is to say this July was no less special a celebration. Its focus may be less rarefied than it used to be, but it nonetheless proved special for being a time when I was reminded of the wealth of culture around, and ahead, of us.

But before we move along, here’s one more look at the month gone by, my favourite, surprise, disappointment, least-liked, and a pick from my fellow Canadian.

Cheech (2006)Cheech (2006) on 2013/07/22

* * * *

Cheech managed to insinuate its darkness and depth through the allure of a near-poppy cheer. As a drama, it doubles as a comedy of errors and, as a noir, it’s as close as Canada gets.”

Honourable Mentions
Goin’ Down the Road (1970) on 2013/07/04
White Room (1990) on 2013/07/27

My Brother's Keeper (2004)My Brother’s Keeper (2004) on 2013/07/17

* * *

“School is not for everyone, I’ve sometimes realized. My Brother’s Keeper reminded me of it again . . . You know how the story supposedly goes . . . Eric succeeds with his brain, and Lou is punished for his brawn. Right?


Toronto Stories (2008)Toronto Stories (2008) on 2013/07/15

* * *

“If this feature-length anthology was all I had to judge by, I might well find I hated Toronto too…

“The trouble with a bit of something for everyone is it leaves far too much for no one.”

Five Senses (1999)The Five Senses (1999) on 2013/07/09

* * *

“For all that’s going on in The Five Senses, too little was interesting. It’s not without its moments but, by and large, it’s uninvolving, studied and theoretical, like the product of an art-film course.”


Show Me
Real Time (2008)Real Time (2008) on 2013/07/15

* * * *

“What would you do if you found out you only had an hour and 19-ish minutes to live?

“Andy’s early choices aren’t particularly edifying. He wants to see a hooker naked, yell at his old fast food manager, grab a pack of smokes and urinate.”

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