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A Goth’s Month in Review: August 2013

by on 2013/08/31

Done. Done.


Do you hear that universe?

I’m done. And I survived, mostly. Mostly.

Writer, director, deep-sea explorer and confident person, James Cameron was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario in 1954.

This month I believed, only briefly, he existed to sadden and terrify me.

August, as a result, was an emotionally grueling month. Slashed by other-worldly creatures, pursued by cyborgs and/or acid-blooded aliens, or lost in the freezing Atlantic with only a piece of engraved wood siding to save me… you name it, I feel like I’ve been through it – thanks to our native son Mr. Cameron.

Now I am weary – with my adrenal system firing so often thanks to this master craftsman, this filmic King of the World.

Say what you will about James Cameron, this guy gets results.

aliens_1986Aliens (1986) on 2013/08/18

* * * *

“This is a crazily, diabolically well-crafted horror film. It picks up on the concept and rhythms created by Ridley Scott in the first instalment, and then riffs on them with terrifying virtuosity. Every bit of it, from the creepy foreshadowing, to the barest glimmer of the foul horror that is about to shower down on the film’s players is scary. Scary. Scary. Scary.”

abyss_1989The Abyss (1989) on 2013/08/19

* * * *

“A submarine accident, a lost nuclear missile, a deep-sea crew in crisis, industrial accidents, failed rescue attempts, alien visitations, a psychotic SEAL who stinks up an under-sea station with all kinds of self-destructive crazy. This movie is awash in sweaty tension. This film is also a showcase for just how amazing Ed Harris (Appaloosa) really, really is. The character of Virgil “Bud” Brigman in lesser hands would not have been nearly as likeable and affecting. Another actor wouldn’t have made me cry like a baby with only a simple text message.”

avatar_2009Avatar (2009) on 2013/08/30

 * * * *

“This time, I regret to report Avatar didn’t quite grab me like the first viewing. The world, while lovely, seemed a little …shiny? The slithery gloss on all of the beings of the world of Pandora prevented my complete immersion in the story. The human performances were by contrast – gritty and solid. Sigourney Weaver (Aliens) as the chain-smoking scientist Grace is, as usual, a lithe, lovely force of nature. I adored Michelle Rodriguez as the fearless pilot Trudy who takes a principled stand against an evil corporation. Strong women characters played by great actors.”

True-LiesTrue Lies (1994) on 2013/08/08

* * *

“True Lies as a spy thriller is to the James Bond franchise as Spam is to pork tenderloin? True Lies has all the cultural sensitivity of Team America? (Durka durk?) True Lies demonstrates the same quiet dignity and respect for women as Bikini Spring Break Jello Wrestling? (No, make that Bikini Spring Break Cake Mix Wrestling).”

Show Me
Up in the Air (2009)Up in the Air (2009) on 2013/08/28

“While the movie, through its characters and expression, has a lot to say on many topics, in the end, it succeeded best for achieving one thing: it made me feel so much for someone who longs to feel so little. Its aspiring ascetic-of-sorts appealed to this disappointed idealist. Thank You for Smoking was a truly great film. Up in the Air is even greater.”

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