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Five More Horrific Canadian Picks

by on 2014/10/31

I love the autumn like no other season in the year.

Maybe it’s a holdover from my years as a student, a sense of getting back to normal, a return to structure and consistency, the comfort of a familiar routine.

Maybe it’s the sight of earthtones everywhere, unusual colours in the trees, the feeling of summer’s heat dropping away, a returning to the coziness of home.

Maybe it’s because in our family, nearly everyone’s birthday falls around these months, punctuated by other familiar holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and several more . . .

. . . like Halloween, of course, a time when we spend the month before ramping up with decorations, big meals, spooky music, and movie nights.

A couple of years ago, I already listed some choice Canadian horror but, since then I’ve found many more as deserving of listing alongside those picks. While I hadn’t reviewed Ginger Snaps yet at the time, you won’t find it listed below. Nor will you find science fiction crossovers, which would boost up the selection considerably. And there’s only a single Cronenberg, although one could easily make a Halloween list solely from his work. Maybe I will someday.

Which leaves us with these five favourite selections — funny and frightening, all creepy Canadiana — at least until we unearth some more.

Decoys (2003)Decoys (2003)

* * *

“[If] Species developed a healthy sense of humour [or] perhaps if you felt Some Kind of Wonderful was missing an alien conspiracy, then Decoys may well be the perfect movie for you.”


Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001)Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001)

* * * *

“Vampires plague the City of Ottawa, more specifically its ‘Ladies of Sappho’. The more forward-thinking faithful wonder how to protect their lesbians, especially since their attackers have developed a resistance to crosses and daylight. It’s decided to consult with Jesus Christ.”

A Little Bit Zombie (2012)A Little Bit Zombie (2012)

* * * *

“American Pie goes to The Cabin in the Woods, while avoiding the slayers of John Carpenter’s Vampires. Its closest relative in topic and tone is 2009’s Zombieland. A Little Bit Zombie is derivative in parts, but they’re blended creatively. It’s often surprising, always entertaining, and an evening better spent than actually getting married.”

Pontypool (2008)Pontypool (2008)

* * * * *

“I was just expecting a low-budget zombie flick. I sort of got it, however I didn’t expect the philosophical tsunami . . . I can hardly imagine a reality in which Pontypool would be popular. Nonetheless it well deserves to be.”


Videodrome (1983)Videodrome (1983)

* * * *

Videodrome is a vehicle for a sober message of caution, an experience which left me thinking long after its end. Fortunately it’s an entertaining one too.”


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