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Favourite Films of 2010

by on 2010/12/30

Here is my list of my favourite films, all released and reviewed in 2010.

It Gets Better, Love Pixar (2010)

“The unfortunate truth is, we still find excuses to marginalize, to differentiate and victimize. When children are bullied to the point of suicide, something is seriously wrong. I for one applaud Pixar and all those offering support. There aren’t enough stars to quantify how important a film like this one is. Just watch it . . . and then share it.”

Daybreakers (2010)

“This movie is packed with outstanding performances. Sam Neill’s portrayal of a pharmaceutical tycoon and undead robber baron Charles Bromley is pitch perfect. Dafoe’s Elvis is charming. Hawke’s 1,000-mile stare will break your heart. Plus there are enough heart-stopping sudden starts, gore and viscera to leave the most jaded horror fan gasping breathlessly for more.”

The Social Network (2010)

“I have a serious thing for painfully-honest, precise, pale men who enjoy the computing arts. While I started the film thinking Mr. Zuckerberg was a bit of a jerk and when the movie ended, I understood why Mr. Zuckerberg was a bit of jerk. An entertaining, interesting, sympathetic jerk. “You are not an asshole, Mark. You are just trying so hard to be one.”

Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2010)

“I lesbians this movie. In fact, I just stumbled from Hacker Renders’ home, forgetting my beloved copy of Fallout New Vegas (laying at a non-right angle on his TV stand) to write these words.

“The entire 112 minutes of Scott Pilgrim vs the World were lovingly crafted to make me – a video-game-playing, ex-Torontonian child of the 80s with a perplexing fondness for thrashing guitar bands and hair dye – love this movie irrationally.”

The Book of Eli (2010)

“Even the trailers for The Book of Eli seemed an absolutely stunning reproduction of Fallout 3. So when Hacker Renders’ declared Father’s Day weekend a post-apocalyptic film fest, we kicked it off with the Blu-Ray edition of The Book of Eli. In the early goings of the film, I found it absolutely impossible to stop myself from saying, “My god, that’s exactly like Fallout!” I defy any Fallout fan to say the scene when Eli stands atop a crumbling highway overpass complete with severed rebar and chunks of concrete didn’t give him/her chills.”

  1. Hacker Renders permalink

    Your omission of Inception from the top five is nearly as egregious as mine of the Pixar short.


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