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Five Canadian Movies in Need of Sequels

by on 2012/11/01

Sometimes you need more, or maybe just want more. That’s where sequels can come in very handy.

A follow-up could help to salvage appreciation for the original. Or maybe the first was just so good, it left us with never-enough.

In anticipation of our month-long focus on nothing but movie sequels, I’ve put together a selection of picks which all left me longing “to be continued”.

Some ended too abruptly. Some are outdated enough to warrant addenda. All of them are Canadian content with unrealized potential.

Here’s hoping for even more to come . . . eh two?

Black Christmas (1974) on 2012/10/30

* *

“I was cheated out of a rational resolution. Or an irrational one, whatever. Any ending would have been better than none, even ‘it was all just a dream’ . . . silly me, imagine wanting an end, not a sudden stop.”

Comic Book Confidential (1988) on 2012/09/28

* * * *

Comic Book Confidential is absolutely packed . . . It bears repeated viewings, yet only scratches the surface, practically demanding you investigate further yourself.”


Eastern Promises (2007) on 2012/08/26

* * *

“It sure would be nice to tell you more, except the whole thing feels unfinished, with so many loose threads, it wants a sequel.”


A Little Bit Zombie (2012) on 2012/10/04

* * * *

“The story is original and funny, rarely puts a step wrong, and never flags in its pacing. If only it didn’t end so soon, and so suddenly.”


Pitch (1997) on 2010/07/28

* * *

“Clearly the experiences in Pitch did nothing to quell the voices of Hotz and Rice. In the years since its release, they’ve found success with their ongoing show Kenny vs Spenny. I’d be interested — and certainly more inspired — to see how they eventually triumphed.”

Special Mention:
Duct Tape Forever (2002) on 2010/07/04

* *

“It’s difficult to convey how much I want to give this one a pass but the best I can do is to strongly endorse the original Red Green series instead.”


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