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A Geek’s Month in Review: October 2012

by on 2012/10/31

If October 2012 is any kind of indication, we’re absolutely spoiled with living well. Despite a busy season in our regular day jobs, scarcely a single day went by without exceptional, exciting distractions.

Of course, there were Thanksgiving dinners, Halloween playlists, and horror flicks as usual. But it even surpassed our walks in the park, through weeks of Autumn colours, discovering great new restaurants, and coffee-brewing experiments.

Every week closing in on Christmas has brought treasure troves of new media. Announcements and releases came fast and furious: James Bond’s 50th year in film, the Everything or Nothing documentary, news from Depeche Mode, Apple’s “mini” event, the debut of Surface and Windows 8, Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, and (being good Canadians) a Grapes of Wrath reunion show and album.

So, yes, it’s been an awesome month. It calls for more celebration. Keep the bags of candy, I’m queueing up some video picks.

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001) on 2012/10/06

* * * *

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is a triumph of all things campy, cheesy, and kitsch . . . and one of the few musicals I’d celebrate . . . the very definition of ‘so bad it’s good’. I’d call it a guilty pleasure except I feel no guilt about it.”

Honourable Mention:
Ginger Snaps (2000) on 2012/10/28

A Little Bit Zombie (2012) on 2012/10/04

* * * *

A Little Bit Zombie is derivative in parts, but they’re blended creatively. It’s often surprising, always entertaining, and an evening better spent than actually getting married.”

Honourable Mention:
Pontypool (2008) on 2012/10/23

Fido (2006) on 2012/10/09

* * *

“In its constituent parts, Fido looks and sounds admirable, is very well crafted, and has things of substance to say. However, I didn’t enjoy it overall, was unsatisfied, and probably wouldn’t rewatch it.”

Dishonourable Mention:
End of the Line (2007) on 2012/10/11

The Gate (1987) on 2012/10/02

* *

“1987 gave us some amazing and memorable movies — like Predator, The Princess Bride, RoboCop, and The Untouchables – but this confused, imbalanced mess isn’t one of them.”

Dishonourable Mention:
Black Christmas (1974) on 2012/10/30

Show Me
The Gorilla (1939) on 2012/10/21

* * * *

“Don’t think, just watch The Gorilla. It is a hoot.

“Yes, you heard me.”


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